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Cursos con mucho arte 2015



Keeping right in step with this month of September in the city tahat goes all out and spares no enthusiasm with its Septiembre es Flamenco, Taller Flamenco wishes to be a part of one of the most wonderful flamenco moments you can hope to find in Seville.

For this reason, and in light of the massive arrival of people from all parts of the globe who come to keep their appointment with flamenco, Taller Flamenco is organizing its Cursos con mucho Arte, a combination of two-weeks long intensive courses.

Duration: from 1 week

Maxi. 7 people per course.

Levels: Beginners, Relative Beginners, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate.

From Monday till Friday 120 minutes for Beginners and 180 minutes

Guitar accompaniment the last two days for Intermediate and Upper Intermediate.

LEVEL / TEACHER / TIMETABLE 1st. & 2nd. Week 3rd. & 4th. Week
Carmen Rasero
Alegrías Tangos
Relative Beginners
Technique - Lourdes Recio: 10.00>11.30
Dance - Carmen Rasero (1ª/2ª week): 11.30>13:00
Dance - Felipe Mato (3ª/4ª): 11.30>13:00
Guajiras Tangos de Málaga
Technique - Lourdes Recio: 11.30>13:00
Dance - Felipe Mato: 13:00 > 14.30
Soleá por bulerías Bulerías

Upper Intermediate
Technique - Lidia Valle: 13:00 > 14.30
Dance - Felipe Mato: 14.30>16.00

Seguiriya Soleá

Venue: Calle Peral, 49


PRICES/LEVEL Beginners Relative Beginners
Upper Intermediate
1 week 200 € 250 €
2 weeks 300 € 400 €
3 weeks 450 € 600 €
4 weeks 600 € 800 €


Manuel Perez guitarrist at Taller Flamenco


Lidia Valle Seguiriya

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Booking, Payment and Cancellation Conditions
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