How to learn flamenco from scratch

"Flamenco is a philosophy, a way of thinking and feeling of a whole people and their historical tradition". Manolo Sanlúcar. Can you learn to dance flamenco? To learn to dance ...

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Everything you need to know about the Flamenco Biennial

The Bienal de Flamenco is celebrated in Seville by lighting up its streets with this art and passion. For almost 40 years now, in September of even-numbered years, Seville has ...

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10 Things you can do at the Biennale to have fun

You have come to the Biennale to enjoy a wonderful flamenco show, to live the passion of an autochthonous musical style full of feelings, to enjoy flamenco ...

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Tips for learning to dance flamenco

Are you passionate about flamenco or have you discovered this particular style of music, which encompasses a multitude of feelings, movements, sounds and musicality all in one? Would you like to start the next ...

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Tips for learning to play the flamenco guitar

 To start playing the guitar it is important to have good lessons from the first moment. The self-taught formation has strong roots in flamenco, but for this besides living in the cradle ...

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