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Intermediate / Advanced - Monday to Friday 

Gabaldon Angels - Solea

September 7th to 11th : 13.15 >14.15 - 60

Diana Riola : General technique / Alegrías 

14 to 18 September : 13.15 >14.15 - 60

Isabel Muñoz : General technique / Seguiriya

September 21st to 25th : 13.15 >14.15 - 60

María Cárdenas : Soleá por bulerías 

28 September to 2 October : 13.15 >14.15 - 60



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Alicia Gil

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Antonio Gamez

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Javier Prieto

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Lourdes Recio

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Alicia Gil

A Sevillian singer who already enjoys an outstanding place in this art in her own right. Backed by a consolidated career in important companies, her present is "the flamenco singing of today".

With the recording of his latest album "Verdad" he has consolidated his position in the current panorama of this musical art. It is a compilation of cantes, as she feels them, where she has been able to gather the nuances of flamenco singing as it is understood in Triana and Seville.

Antonio Gamez

Antonio Gámez is a guitarist and composer. His love of flamenco and his passion for the guitar have allowed him to be, since he was very young, in contact with the generation of guitarists of the 80s, the generation that has revolutionized the flamenco guitar completely. At the same time he has lived with the greatest singers in history. Both cantaores and guitarists are his companions and, together, they have forged flamenco as we know it today.

Today he lives a new experience with the same passion: teaching flamenco. To be able to study with this Master is a great opportunity to be trained in the transmission of the values and tradition of flamenco.

Javier Prieto

Percussionist, as well as a restless and innovative artist. Javier Prieto approaches the rhythms of flamenco with a very broad perspective, and has an extraordinary capacity for teaching.

He teaches cajón and compás & palmas for all levels.

Lourdes Recio

This intense dancer, with a long professional career, began her flamenco studies with the great master Manolo Marín, expanding her learning along with other great artists such as Mario Maya or Eva la Yerbagüena. She has collaborated in many productions and shows: with the already mentioned Manolo Marín (Sangre de la Primavera, Azabache -presented in the Expo'92-), under the direction of Salvador Távora (Las Bacantes, Alhucema) and with Cristina Hoyos' Company (Yerma) among many others.

Lourdes has danced in practically all the Seville tablaos that exist today.

Manuel Espinosa "Lito"

"Lito", as Manuel Espinosa is called, has been linked to the flamenco guitar since his childhood. His talent for music quickly led him to the best flamenco academies to accompany dance, and from there he immediately went on to accompany top artists in both singing and dancing.

Manuel is in the circles of the new creation of the flamenco guitar, and is the accompanist of the cantaora Alicia Gil. His line of work is very interesting, starting from the purest roots of flamenco to become a contemporary of flamenco music.

Mariano Clavijo

Flamenco percussionist from Jerez de la Frontera. Mariano Clavijo is a restless young man with a solid academic background, with a PhD in Flamenco from the University of Seville.

His interest and knowledge are useful to develop his career as a percussionist in several flamenco companies, a career that alternates with his work in teaching percussion for flamenco.

Since 2004 he has been teaching flamenco cajón. In addition to his excellent training, he brings to them his magnificent teaching skills. In his classes he works with basic principles of percussion for flamenco, which are key to the training of a percussionist.

Carmen Rasero "La Trianerita"

Carmen has been an advanced student at Matilde Coral's school, where she was studying from 1982 to 1995. She has received the teachings of great masters: besides having learned with Matilde Coral herself, she has also learned with other greats such as Javier Latorre Mario Maya, Merche Esmeralda, Javier Baron, and more recently Ángeles Gabaldón and Belén Maya.

With her years of experience in Taller Flamenco, Carmen has become an expert in the beginner's level of flamenco dance and technique.

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