Courses in Seville

Regular courses throughout the year. 

Come and study with us. Courses from one day, one week. All levels.

Your flamenco family in Seville.

Dance & Technique

Flamenco dance and technique courses, for beginners and advanced students. All levels. In groups or private. Maximum 7 students per course.

Flamenco courses - 1 day

Do you want to learn flamenco? If you wish you can have a one day private lesson while you are in Seville with your friends or family.

Private Dance

Do you want to learn to dance flamenco? If you wish you can start or improve your flamenco dancing. Private classes. All levels.


Learn to play flamenco using the cajón. Private lessons. All levels.



For guitar and flamenco lovers. Private lessons. All levels.


Compás & Palmas

The secret of flamenco. Course of palmas, counter-rhythms, rhythms, metrical structure and accents. Private lessons. All levels.


Do you want to learn to sing flamenco? If you wish you can start or improve your flamenco singing. Private lessons. All levels.


Learn Spanish through flamenco and our culture.Spanish classes in group or private. All levels.

Online Courses

You also have the possibility to learn and enjoy flamenco from wherever you want.

Come and study with us. Courses from one day, one week. All levels.

Online Private Dancing

We want to see you dance, place your body and get ready to feel!

Online Private Guitar

We want to see you play, cheer up and get ready to feel!

Online Compás & Palmas

Discover flamenco through its rhythms.

Online Singing

We want to hear your metal, your timbre and the art you have inside you. Come on, sing and feel flamenco!

Online Spanish

We want to hear you speaking Spanish, cheer up and get ready to feel!

Special offers

On certain dates.

Special packages with special prices.

Weekend - Every month

If you like flamenco and have always been a mere spectator, we invite you to cross the threshold of this magical world.

Guest Teachers - May/June

One week course for intermediate/advanced level.

Todo Compás - May

Experience the rhythms of flamenco with us in Seville.

Mucho Arte - September

 12 to 30 September 2022

Live your biennial with Taller Flamenco!

Flamenco Dance & Technique.
All levels. Are you up for it?


Estaciones Flamencas

Estaciones Flamencas- Mar/Jun/Aug

Full training course in dance, technique, "palmas" and Spanish in March, June or August.

Santa Ana Candle

Velá de Santa Ana - July

In July we are going to the Triana festivities, are you up for it?

Annual courses

Sevillanas for children

From October to June, are you up for it?

Dance Extensive 2022

We start Flamenco on the 10th of January. From January to June, are you up for it?

We start Sevillanas - two groups one on Tuesday and one on Wednesday from the 2nd of February. From February to May. Come and join us!

Other courses

Courses for groups

Dance, Sevillanas, Guitar, Hand clapping, Singing and Spanish. Are you up for it?


Javier Malaguilla

Silvia Reina

Isabel Muñoz

Sonia Naranjo

Rebeca Cabrera

José Ríos

Francisco Morales "The Flea"

Laura Román

Antonio Gámez

Mariano Clavijo

Michele Iaccarino

Manuel Espinosa "Lito"

Javier Prieto

Maite Olivares

Diana Riola

Alicia Gil

Maria Cardenas


Single Room

1 week - 6 nights: 170€

2 weeks - 13 nights: 280€ 

3 weeks - 20 nights: 380€

4 weeks - 27 nights: 480€

Extra week: 120 €

Extra night: 25 €

Double room

1 week - 6 nights: 250€ 

2 weeks - 13 nights: 380€

3 weeks - 20 nights: 530€

4 weeks - 27 nights: 680€

Extra week: 170€

Extra night: 35€ 

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Felipe Mato

This complete dancer from Seville has an intense academic training in Spanish Dance and Classical Ballet, having studied, among other academies, at the Dance Conservatory of Seville and at Matilde Coral's school.

Dedicated to professional dance since the age of 14, he has performed his art in places as diverse as Mallorca, Lanzarote, Barcelona and Naples (Italy), even participating as a dancer in the X Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, in the Company of Mario Maya. He has been Finalist in the National Contest of Flamenco Art of Cordoba 2001 and Semi-Finalist in the Contest of Young Talents of the Biennial of Flamenco Art of Seville 2002. She also played an important role in the show "Inmigración" by Ángeles Gabaldón.

Together with artists such as the guitarist Daniel Méndez, the Moroccan musician Jallal Chekkara, the percussionist Antonio Montiel and the dancer Nicolia Morris, he formed the flamenco mestizo group Harmattan in 2004. In 2005 he opened his own company in Germany with "Flamenco: made in Spain".

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