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Javier Malaguilla

Polyphaecic artist, dancer, percussionist. A restless artist with extensive experience in various flamenco companies.  Her artistic career has always accompanied her by the dedication to teaching for which she has an admirable vocation. Broadcast the Flamenco In all its extension and to get each student to their full potential are the premises of their classes. Of his dedication to teaching we have the sample in his publication "Theoretical and practical method for dance flamenco. Tabla de pie ty escobillas", a book methodically collects the keys to zapateado flamenco.

Silvia Reina

Today, Silvia is at the height of her musical career as a singer, sharing the bill with great artists of the panorama flamenco. It has numerous recitals in clubs throughout Andalusia, is claimed in large festivals and tablaos throughout the Spanish geography; and participates in several own projects such as "TABLAO EN CLASE". This young singer is also requested by the dance sector for national and international events. Note that in April 2018, she had the honor of singing for the Royal Family of Bahrain, a country located in the Persian Gulf. She is a singing teacher at Taller Flamenco.

Isabel Muñoz

Winner of the 1st Dance Prize of the XIX Andalusian Contest of Young Flamencos in 2018. Participates as a solo dancer in the Festival Flamenco de Gines (2017), Festival Jóvenes Flamencos Teatro Central de Sevilla (2018), Festival Flamenco of Olivares (2019), Festival Flamenco de Montellano (2019), Festival Flamenco of Louisiana (2019), Fesitval Flamenco of Hinojos (2019) and Festival Flamenco of Mont de Marsán (2020). At the same time, he develops his artistic career in tablaos such as La Casa de la Guitarra, Auditorio Álvarez Quintero and Casala Teatro, among others. He takes his dance to different theaters around the world making national and international tours. In addition, he elaborates choreographic pieces where he reflects the most avant-garde currents of the flamenco. She has taught dance courses flamenco and theory in different countries such as Russia, Czech Republic, England and France. In 2016 she is a teacher of professional dance teachings flamenco at the Scaena Carmen Roche Conservatory in Madrid. She has a degree in Dance Pedagogy Flamenco by the Conservatorio Superior de Danza de Madrid (2015) and complements his training with a Master's Degree in Physical Activity and Quality of Life (2017) and a Master's Degree in Research and Analysis Flamenco (2020). In addition, she has several communications published in different dance and research congresses.    

Sonia Naranjo

All her life dedicated to dance, she is qualified by the Conservatory of Dance of Seville, in addition to having trained with dancers of great prestige. Her extensive and complete training makes it possible for her to currently combine her work as a teacher of flamenco with performances in flamenco tablaos of Seville. In Taller Flamenco she teaches Dance and Technique classes for medium and advanced levels.

Rebeca Cabrera

Degree in Hispanic Philology from the University of Seville and examiner of the Official Diploma of Spanish as a Second Language (DELE). She has been a Spanish teacher for more than 15 years, she has taught in different academies for students of all ages, all levels and all nationalities. Teacher of vocational Spanish, her classes are open and participatory, she works with topics of Spanish culture and offers a complete vision of the language. Her methods for teaching are simple, fun, very participatory for students and there is no lack of humor. Her classes and her style for teaching make her a close and unforgettable experience for her students. Since 2019 the best Spanish teacher is in Taller Flamenco.

José Ríos

Guitarist from Seville, born in the neighborhood of Alameda. From a very young age he comes into contact with the flamenco guitar stimulated by the environment in which he lives. In gatherings, meetings, clubs and flamenco parties where fans meet, he has his "school" and the bases of his training. His great fondness for singing make him a reference as a guitarist of accompaniment to singing in peñas and flamenco gatherings. With his musical and artistic restlessness he has been growing as a guitarist and is currently a guitarist in several tablaos in Seville and teaches in Taller Flamenco.

Francisco Morales "El Pulga"

This great guitarist flamenco he considers himself a permanent apprentice of the guitar. His vocation unites him to his innate sense for the rhythms of the flamenco: the beat and the rhythm have no secrets for El Pulga. Since 1994 he teaches in Taller Flamenco, an activity that he only interrupts to meet his professional commitments in Portugal, where he has his company of flamenco "Serva la Bari". Currently, he teaches Guitar and Compás & Palmas in Taller Flamenco.

Laura Román

Cantaora from Malaga based in Seville, where she lives singing and transmits it. Her taste for purity and singing to the beat stands out: Bulerías and Tangos, and she is a great bearer of the genius of the songs of Malaga. In Taller Flamenco she teaches singing classes and accompaniment of singing for the guitar.

Antonio Gámez

Antonio Gámez is a guitarist and composer. His love of flamenco and his passion for the guitar have allowed him to be, from a very young age, in contact with the generation of guitarists of the 80s, the generation that has revolutionized the flamenco guitar completely. At the same time he has lived with the greatest singers in history. Both, singers and guitarists, are his companions and, among all, they have forged the flamenco as we now know it today. Nowadays he lives with the same passion a new experience: that of teaching flamenco. Being able to study with this Master is a great opportunity to be trained in the transmission of the values and tradition of the flamenco.

Mariano Clavijo

Percussionist flamenco of Jerez de la Frontera. Mariano Clavijo is a restless young man with a solvent academic background, with a PhD in Flamenco by the University of Seville. His concern and knowledge help him to develop his career as a percussionist in various companies of flamenco, a trajectory that alternates with his work in the teaching of percussion for the flamenco. Since 2004 he has been teaching Cajon flamenco. In them he contributes, in addition to his excellent training, his magnificent gifts for teaching. In his classes he works with basic principles of percussion for the flamenco, which are key to the training of a percussionist.

Michele Iaccarino

Michele has a great musical talent that devotes himself entirely to the flamenco guitar. This has led him to be a musical arranger in important albums of flamenco, dedicating himself also to the accompaniment to the singing and dancing of flamenco artists of the first line. However, his greatest hobby is teaching and surprising are his qualities for teaching. Either because of his beginnings, maybe because of his talent, or because of his love of flamenco and on guitar, the students have in Michele the best possible Teacher.

Manuel Espinosa "Lito"

"Lito", as Manuel Espinosa is called, has been linked since his childhood to the flamenco guitar. His talent for music quickly leads him to the best academies of flamenco to accompany the dance, and from there he immediately goes on to accompany leading artists both singing and dancing. Manuel is in the circles of the new creation of the flamenco guitar, and is the accompanist of the cantaora Alicia Gil. His line of work is very interesting, starting from the purest roots of the flamenco to become a contemporary of flamenco music.

Javier Prieto

Percussionist, as well as restless and innovative artist. Javier Prieto approaches the rhythms of the flamenco with a very broad perspective, and has an extraordinary capacity for teaching. He teaches cajón and compás & palmas classes for all levels.

Maite Olivares

Maite Olivares is a very special flamenco for her quality of being a singer and dancer. Maite is the cante de fiesta, the compás, the domain of the cantes extremeños, and has an extensive knowledge of the records of the flamenco.En Taller Flamenco imparte clases de Cante y Compás & Palmas para todos los niveles.

Diana Riola

Young dancer from Almeria, installed to develop her profession in Seville. Her dance is flamenco with a modern and innovative conception. She has a higher degree in Flamenco and Spanish Dance. She has forged herself as a dancer in different companies: Centro Andaluz de Danza, with Belén Maya, Rubén Olmo and other outstanding figures, until the time came to form her own company with which she makes various international tours. She harmonizes her artistic career with teaching, she has worked as a teacher of Spanish Dance and Flamenco at the Escuela Superior de Artes Escénicas de Málaga, and she is a dance and technique teacher at Taller Flamenco.

Alicia Gil

Sevillian singer who already enjoys in her own right an outstanding place in this art. Backed by a consolidated trajectory in important companies, its present is "the cante flamenco of today." With the recording of her latest album "Verdad" she has consolidated herself in the current panorama of this musical art. It is a collection of songs, as she feels them, where she has known how to collect the nuances of singing flamenco as it is understood in Triana and Seville.

Maria Cardenas

Art Flamenco surprises do not stop arising, María is one of them, a young dancer rooted in the roots and in the flamenco tradition. Her extensive artistic training together with her racial and strength dance allow her to debut at the age of 15 at the Biennale of Flamenco of Seville (2006) and since then she travels the world with the companies of flamenco more prestigious in international tours. She currently combines her artistic career with classes in Taller Flamenco where she has been teaching since 2017. As a teacher she knows how to transmit strength and passion as she expresses it as a dancer on stage.

Lourdes Recio

This intense dancer, with a long professional career, began her flamenco studies with the great master Manolo Marín, expanding her learning along with other great artists such as Mario Maya or Eva la Yerbagüena. She has collaborated in many productions and shows: with the already mentioned Manolo Marín (Sangre de la Primavera, Azabache -presented at the Expo'92-), under the direction of Salvador Távora (Las Bacantes, Alhucema) and with Cristina Hoyos' Company (Yerma) among many others. Lourdes has danced in practically all the Seville tablaos that exist today.

Carmen Rasero "La trianerita".

Carmen has been an advanced student at Matilde Coral's school, where she studied from 1982 to 1995. She has received the teachings of great masters: in addition to having learned with Matilde Coral herself, also with other greats such as Javier Latorre Mario Maya, Merche Esmeralda, Javier Barón, and more recently from Ángeles Gabaldón and Belén Maya. With his years of experience in Taller Flamenco, Carmen has become an expert in the beginner flamenco Dance & Technique level.


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Felipe Mato

This complete dancer from Seville has an intense academic training in Spanish Dance and Classical Ballet, studying, among other academies, in the Dance Conservatory of Seville and in Matilde Coral's school.

Dedicated to professional dance since the age of 14, he has distributed his art in places as different as Mallorca, Lanzarote, Barcelona or Naples (Italy), coming to participate as a dancer in the X Biennial of Flamenco of Seville, within the Company of Mario Maya. He has been a Finalist in the National Art Competition Flamenco of Córdoba 2001 and Semi-Finalist in the Young Talents Contest of the Art Biennial Flamenco of Seville 2002. He also took on a prominent role in ángeles Gabaldón's show "Immigration".

Together with artists such as guitarist Daniel Méndez, Moroccan musician Jallal Chekkara, percussionist Antonio Montiel and dancer Nicolia Morris, he formed in 2004 the group of flamenco mestizo Harmattan. In 2005 he premiered his own company in Germany with «Flamenco: made in Spain".

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