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Dance and Flamenco Technique Courses, for beginners or to improve. All levels. Group classes. Maximum of 7 students per course

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Dance & Technique

Beginner: Course designed for students who have been dancing flamenco for a maximum of 6 months, as well as for students from other dance disciplines. In this level, we focus on fundamental technical concepts: warm-up exercises and stretching with music, posture, body weight, foot technique, arm technique, coordination, movement, and basic choreography assembly.

Beginner with knowledge:Course for students who dance or have danced flamenco and are familiar with basic flamenco technique. In this level, we focus on body technique and the creation of a basic flamenco choreography. Reinforcement of fundamental flamenco technique concepts, warm-up and stretching exercises with music, footwork, movements, turns, coordination for spatial movements, and choreography assembly.

Intermediate: Course for students who regularly dance flamenco, have confidence in flamenco technique, and are familiar with the structure and choreographies of flamenco dance: Seguiriyas, Alegría, Soleá, and more. This course operates from an intermediate technical level, focusing on refining all elements: turns, intricate footwork, body coordination, and choreography assembly.

Since 1994, teaching flamenco in the heart of the city of Seville, nurturing, building, and perfecting a specialized and practical teaching system for students who visit us to learn a lot in a short amount of time.

Classes begin on Monday with warm-up exercises to a flamenco rhythm, where our teachers assess the class's level and decide on the rhythm and choreography that will be worked on during the week.

Our teachers teach and convey the art of flamenco with thorough dedication. They are the ones who closely monitor the growth and evolution of each of their students and ensure through their work a quality education.

At Taller Flamenco, every student finds an appropriate course for their level from the very first day of class.

Throughout our program, we guarantee that all our students, upon completing their courses, will have acquired useful and strong tools that provide confidence and independence to continue evolving in flamenco dance.

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Dance & Technique > Duration: 120 minutes daily from Monday to Friday. In case there is only one person, the class is 90 minutes.

Maximum 7 people per course.

Starting every Monday.

Levels: beginner, beginner with knowledge and intermediate.


Carmen Rasero "La Trianerita". Felipe Mato Lourdes Recio María Cárdenas Sonia Naranjo


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Accommodation in shared flats, single or double rooms.    
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Carmen Rasero "La Trianerita"

Carmen has been an advanced student at Matilde Coral's school, where she was studying from 1982 to 1995. She has received the teachings of great masters: besides having learned with Matilde Coral herself, she has also learned with other greats such as Javier Latorre Mario Maya, Merche Esmeralda, Javier Baron, and more recently Ángeles Gabaldón and Belén Maya.

With years of experience in Taller Flamenco, Carmen has become an expert in the beginner level of dance and Technique Flemish.

Dance & Technique

1 week/s – 259 €

2 week/s – 396 €

3 week/s - 520 €

4 week/s - 623 €

Extra week - 156 €


Single Room

1 week - 6 nights: 170€

2 weeks - 13 nights: 280€ 

3 weeks - 20 nights: 380€

4 weeks - 27 nights: 480€

Extra week: 120 €

Extra night: 25 €

Double room

1 week - 6 nights: 250€ 

2 weeks - 13 nights: 380€

3 weeks - 20 nights: 530€

4 weeks - 27 nights: 680€

Extra week: 170€

Extra night: 35€ 

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Felipe Mato

This complete dancer from Seville has an intense academic training in Spanish Dance and Classical Ballet, studying, among other academies, in the Dance Conservatory of Seville and in Matilde Coral's school.

Dedicated to professional dance since the age of 14, he has distributed his art in places as different as Mallorca, Lanzarote, Barcelona or Naples (Italy), coming to participate as a dancer in the X Biennial of Flamenco of Seville, within the Company of Mario Maya. He has been a Finalist in the National Art Competition Flamenco of Córdoba 2001 and Semi-Finalist in the Young Talents Contest of the Art Biennial Flamenco of Seville 2002. He also took on a prominent role in ángeles Gabaldón's show "Immigration".

Together with artists such as guitarist Daniel Méndez, Moroccan musician Jallal Chekkara, percussionist Antonio Montiel and dancer Nicolia Morris, he formed in 2004 the group of flamenco mestizo Harmattan. In 2005 he premiered his own company in Germany with «Flamenco: made in Spain".

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