For guitar and flamenco lovers. Private lessons. All levels.

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In this guitar course you will study all aspects of flamenco guitar depending on your level: methods, exercises, falsetas, solo, singing and dancing.

The classes are One to one classe and are organized 90 minutes, daily from Monday to Friday.

The technique of flamenco belongs to a complex world, different from any other musical style. The idea is to dedicate a week to each palo (style), which is a style of its own within flamenco. Think of flamenco as a big tree with many branches, each one a flamenco palo.

Each palo has its own tempo, melody and the techniques for playing it are different from those practiced in other styles. The first day you will focus on the techniques of the flamenco guitar to work with them in the chosen palo. Among others:

Arpeggios: simple, combined, tremulous. They have the same names as in classical guitar, but are used in a completely different way.

Strumming: different types, such as modern, traditional or depending on the number of fingers you use.

Alzapúa: position and movement of the thumb, exclusive to flamenco technique.

You will also work with time, the most important thing in flamenco, which differentiates it from any other type of music with its composed beats.

If you wish and your level is medium or medium-high you can participate in a course of accompaniment to dance or singing.

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Private lessons.

The course starts every Monday.

90 minutes from Monday to Friday.

All levels.


Manuel Espinosa "Lito Michele Iaccarino Antonio Gamez Jose Rio


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It offers accommodation in shared flats, single or double rooms.



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1 Week - 255 €

2 Weeks - 405 €

3 Weeks - 555 €

4 Weeks - 705 €

Extra week - 175 €


Carmen Rasero "La Trianerita"

Carmen has been an advanced student at Matilde Coral's school, where she was studying from 1982 to 1995. She has received the teachings of great masters: besides having learned with Matilde Coral herself, she has also learned with other greats such as Javier Latorre Mario Maya, Merche Esmeralda, Javier Baron, and more recently Ángeles Gabaldón and Belén Maya.

With her years of experience on Taller Flamenco, Carmen has become an expert in beginner level flamenco dance and technique.


Single Room

1 week - 6 nights: 170€

2 weeks - 13 nights: 280€ 

3 weeks - 20 nights: 380€

4 weeks - 27 nights: 480€

Extra week: 120 €

Extra night: 25 €

Double room

1 week - 6 nights: 250€ 

2 weeks - 13 nights: 380€

3 weeks - 20 nights: 530€

4 weeks - 27 nights: 680€

Extra week: 170€

Extra night: 35€ 

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Felipe Mato

This complete dancer from Seville has an intense academic training in Spanish Dance and Classical Ballet, having studied, among other academies, at the Dance Conservatory of Seville and at Matilde Coral's school.

Dedicated to professional dance since the age of 14, he has performed his art in places as diverse as Mallorca, Lanzarote, Barcelona and Naples (Italy), even participating as a dancer in the X Bienal de Flamenco de Sevilla, in the Company of Mario Maya. He has been Finalist in the National Contest of Flamenco Art of Cordoba 2001 and Semi-Finalist in the Contest of Young Talents of the Biennial of Flamenco Art of Seville 2002. She also played an important role in the show "Inmigración" by Ángeles Gabaldón.

Together with artists such as the guitarist Daniel Méndez, the Moroccan musician Jallal Chekkara, the percussionist Antonio Montiel and the dancer Nicolia Morris, he formed the flamenco mestizo group Harmattan in 2004. In 2005 he opened his own company in Germany with "Flamenco: made in Spain".

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